ImLib3D is no longer maintained. Please contact us if you are interested by developing this library.

What is ImLib3D?

ImLib3D is an open source C++ library for 3D (volumetric) image processing. Focus has been put on simplicity for the developer. It contains most basic image processing algorithms, and some more sophisticated ones. It comes with an optional viewer that features multiplanar views, animations, vector field views and 3D (OpenGL) multiplanar. All image processing operators can be interactively called from the viewer as well as from the UNIX command-line. ImLib3D's goal is to provide a standard and easy to use platform for volumetric image processing research. ImLib3D has been carefully designed, using modern, standards conforming C++. It intensively uses the Standard C++ Library, including strings, containers, and iterators.


ImLib3D is fully operational. It is currently developed and intensively used for medical image processing. Please contact the authors if you need help for installing, have any comments, or wish to contribute help. The effort we put into distributing documentation and packaging depends on the feedback we get from you.

ImLib3D has been succesfully tested on several platforms, including debian (sarge), fedora (core 3), mandrake 10.1, Mac-OS X (tiger). ImLib3D compiles with gcc versions 3.3 to 4.0. ImLib3D will probably work on other unix-like platforms. Please tell us about your experience on other platforms.

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Library Features

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Viewer Features

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Miccai 2003

[pdf article including poster]
This paper gives a very short overview of ImLib3D.

Technical paper

[pdf in french]
This 20 page short paper in french discusses opensource in image processing research and provides a technical introduction to ImLib3D.


ImLib3D was developped by Marcel Bosc and Torbjørn Vik.