MultiPlanar Views

MultiPlanar views are formed of three images representing the volume that is cut through the three principal directions.
  • Templated Image Views: The viewer can display almost all images with scalar values in a multiplanar view.
  • Vector Field Views: Images of 3D vectors may be displayed in multiplanar and 3D views.
  • Animation Views: Series of images may be viewed as a cycling animations.
  • Annotations: Annotations, such as points and text, may be added to images, and rendered both in multiplanar and 3D views. These annotations are added as image properties and will be stored with the image, or optionally as a separate file.
  • Interactive Drawing: The user may draw with a variable size pen, optionally masking parts of the image using thresholding. This is very useful for manual segmentation of images. An unlimited undo buffer is available.

    3D Rendering

    A 3D view of the multiplanar can be displayed. Images can be interactively thresholded and threshold surfaces are displayed in real-time. The 3D rendering is not yet very developped.
  • Surfaces: Currently the viewer uses unsophisticated, but fast, iso-surface rendering. We are planning to implement other algorithms for higher-quality, but slower, results.

    Image Processing

  • Automatic Dialog Generation: Dialogs for each image processor are generated from the XML image processor description files.
  • Image Processor Plugins: User supplied image processors that are in the user's ImLib3D path are automatically added to existing processors.

    Viewer Plugins

    Users may add unlimited extensions to the viewer by using dynamically loaded modules (loaded shared libraries). Several hooks are provided for modifying existing behavior.