All downloads, and past releases can be found on the Sourceforge download page. Current cvs version, and more information can be found on the sourceforge page.


ImLib3D relies on several support libraries. Depending on your system, these libraries might be readilly available as binary packages. This is true for Debian systems. RPM's are also readilly available for Fedora (core 3) systems.

Binary packages for ImLib3D

Binary packages are available for debian (should work on sarge & testing) and Fedora core 3.

Installing from source

If binary packages are not available for your system, you can install them from their source packages. ImLib3D and all of its library dependencies (except boost) are created with standard GNU autotools, so the general syntax for installing the would be something like:
    tar xzvf package_name.tar.gz
    cd package_name
    ./configure --prefix=/home/yourname/my-imlib3d-install-dir
    make install
The exception is "boost". Installing boost from source is easy, please check their documentation Don't worry if certain boost libraries fail to compile.

Dependency list

Here is a list of dependencies for ImLib3D. Exact version number matches are not always required.

Library dependencies for the ImLib3D library:

fftw3, gsl (>=1.4), libxml++2.6, glibmm-2.4, libsigc++ (>=2.0), boost

Library dependencies for the ImLib3D viewer:

imlib3d, gtkmm-2.4, gtkglext

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems, your feedback is important.