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InsertImage.hpp File Reference

#include <ImLib3D/ImageProcessor.hpp>

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namespace  IP3D


template<class ImageType>
void InsertImage (const ImageType &src, const ImageType &insert, const Vect3Di &pos, ImageType &res)
template<class ImageType>
void ResizeImageSupport (const ImageType &src, const Size3D &newSize, ImageType &res0, const typename ImageType::value_type *fillValue=NULL)

Detailed Description

Definition in file InsertImage.hpp.

Function Documentation

template<class ImageType>
void IP3D::InsertImage const ImageType &  src,
const ImageType &  insert,
const Vect3Di pos,
ImageType &  res

#&InsertImage&# Draws an image into another image. (x,y,z) Position where to insert image.

Source image type:ImageType Image to insert type:ImageType position type:Vect3Di Result image type:ImageType ~

Definition at line 46 of file InsertImage.hpp.

Referenced by IP3D::Pad().

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