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ImLib3D File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Affine3DTransform.cpp [code]
Affine3DTransform.hpp [code]File with foundamental geometric classes
Arithmetic.hpp [code]Linear Image Processing Classes
Arithmetic.hxx [code]Function definitions for classes declared in .hpp
Base64.cpp [code]
Base64.hpp [code]
BitImage3D.cpp [code]
BitImage3D.hpp [code]
BitImage3D.hxx [code]
BitImage3DIterators.hpp [code]
CallImLib3DImageProcessorByName.cpp [code]
CallImLib3DImageProcessorByName.hpp [code]
Complex.hpp [code]
Container3D.cpp [code]
Container3D.hpp [code]
Container3D.hxx [code]
Container3DIterators.hpp [code]
ConvenienceProcessors.cpp [code]
ConvenienceProcessors.hpp [code]
ConvenienceProcessors.hxx [code]
Convolution.cpp [code]
Convolution.hpp [code]Convolution of two images
Convolution.hxx [code]
CppTools.cpp [code]
CppTools.hpp [code]
Display.cpp [code]
Display.hpp [code]
Draw.hpp [code]
Draw.hxx [code]
Example1.cpp [code]
Example2.cpp [code]
Example3.cpp [code]
Example4.cpp [code]
Example5.cpp [code]
Example6.cpp [code]
Example7.cpp [code]
FFT.cpp [code]
FFT.hpp [code]FFT using fftw library
FileConversion.cpp [code]
FileConversion.hpp [code]
Filter.hpp [code]
FloatCast.hpp [code]
generate_TemplateGroups.cpp [code]
GeneratedPlugin.cpp [code]
Geometry3D.hpp [code]
Image3D.cpp [code]
Image3D.hpp [code]
Image3Dlinear.cpp [code]
Image3Dlinear.hpp [code]
Image3Dlinear.hxx [code]
Image3DSet.cpp [code]
Image3DSet.hpp [code]
Image3DSet.hxx [code]
ImageAs1DVector.cpp [code]
ImageAs1DVector.hpp [code]
ImageAs1DVector.hxx [code]
ImageProcessor.cpp [code]
ImageProcessor.hpp [code]This file contains the base class for all Image Processing classes
ImageProcessor.hxx [code]This file contains the base class for all Image Processing classes
ImageProcessorDescription.cpp [code]
ImageProcessorDescription.hpp [code]
ImageProcessorsByNameCalls.cpp [code]
ImageProcessorsByNameDefinitions.cpp [code]
ImageProcessorsDescription.cpp [code]
ImageProcessorsDescription.hpp [code]
ImageProgress.hpp [code]
ImageStats.cpp [code]
ImageStats.hpp [code]
imlib3d-code-generation.cpp [code]
ImLib3D.cpp [code]
ImLib3D.hpp [code]
ImLib3DCommandLine.cpp [code]
ImLib3DFile.cpp [code]
ImLib3DFile.hpp [code]Base classes for streamable objects
InsertImage.hpp [code]
Interpolator3D.hpp [code]
Interpolator3D.hxx [code]
istream_flag_resetter.hpp [code]
Mask3D.hpp [code]
Matrix.cpp [code]
Matrix.hpp [code]
MorphologicalOperators.cpp [code]
MorphologicalOperators.hpp [code]
MorphologicalOperators.hxx [code]
Neighbors3D.hpp [code]
NoiseEstimation.cpp [code]
NoiseEstimation.hpp [code]Estimators for estimating noise in images
Normalization.cpp [code]
Normalization.hpp [code]
PiecewiseLinearFct.hpp [code]
plugin.hpp [code]
PluginManagement.cpp [code]
PluginManagement.hpp [code]
Properties.cpp [code]Extra properties for images, such as support, mask, patient info, etc
Properties.hpp [code]Extra properties for images, such as support, mask, patient info, etc
Properties.hxx [code]Extra properties for images, such as support, mask, patient info, etc
RectZone2D.hpp [code]
RectZone3D.cpp [code]
RectZone3D.hpp [code]
ShapeAnalysis.cpp [code]
ShapeAnalysis.hpp [code]
Signal1D.cpp [code]
Signal1D.hpp [code]
Size3D.hpp [code]
SparseImage3D.cpp [code]
SparseImage3D.hpp [code]
SparseImage3D.hxx [code]
SplineInterpolation.cpp [code]
SplineInterpolation.hpp [code]
SplineInterpolation.hxx [code]
StringArgumentConversion.hpp [code]
StringTools.hpp [code] [code]
TaskProgressManager.cpp [code]
TaskProgressManager.hpp [code]
TemplateGroups.hpp [code]
TestPatterns.cpp [code]
TestPatterns.hpp [code]
Threshold.cpp [code]
Threshold.hpp [code]
Threshold.hxx [code]
Transformation.cpp [code]
Transformation.hpp [code]Contains all classes concerning Transformations
Transformation.hxx [code]
TypeSafeGenericPointer.hpp [code]
UserPlugin.hpp [code]
Vect2D.hpp [code]
Vect3D.cpp [code]
Vect3D.hpp [code]
VisualizationAids.cpp [code]
VisualizationAids.hpp [code]Contains classes for aiding at visualizing complex images, structures, fields etc
VisualizationAids.hxx [code]
VoxelCoding.cpp [code]
VoxelCoding.hpp [code]
XMLBinaryFile.cpp [code]
XMLBinaryFile.hpp [code]
XMLImageProcessorsDescription.hpp [code]
XMLTools.cpp [code]
XMLTools.hpp [code]
Zero.hpp [code]

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