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NoiseEstimation.hpp File Reference

Estimators for estimating noise in images. More...

#include <ImLib3D/ImageProcessor.hpp>
#include <ImLib3D/FFT.hpp>
#include <ImLib3D/Convolution.hpp>

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namespace  IP3D


void NoiseVarianceEstimation (const Image3Df &_image, double &variance)

Detailed Description

Estimators for estimating noise in images.

Definition in file NoiseEstimation.hpp.

Function Documentation

void IP3D::NoiseVarianceEstimation const Image3Df _image,
double &  variance

#&NoiseVarianceEstimation&# Estimates the noise in an image. Uses the difference of to Laplacian filters (size 3x3x3) to estimate the noise variance.

Source image type:Image3Df Result Variance type:double ~

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