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ImLib3D Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Affine3DTransformAn 3 dimensional affine transformation : X'=MX+T
AlternateReportManagerBase class for users that want to overide the defaul( stdout) progres report
BIM3D_iteratorFast< BitImage3D, _Ref >Basic iterator for walking through the WHOLE container
BIM3D_iteratorXYZ< BitImage3D, _Ref >Iterator that keeps track of x,y,z position
BIM3D_iteratorZone< BitImage3D, _Ref >Iterator for walking through a rectangular portion
BinomialFilterSymmetrical binomial filter. For resulting image on the same grid order must be impair
BitImage3D< FieldType, bitsPerValue, ValueType >Image whose values are a predefined number of bits
CodeClusterCluster of conected voxels having same "code" value
Container3D< Im3DValue >Baseclass for 3D images
CTR3D_iteratorBoxConcentric< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr >Iterator for walking through image by concentric boxes centered on start point
CTR3D_iteratorFast< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr >Basic iterator for walking through the WHOLE container
CTR3D_iteratorFastMasked< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr >Iterator for walking through the WHOLE container, but only on unmasked values
CTR3D_iteratorXYZ< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr >Iterator that keeps track of x,y,z position
CTR3D_iteratorXYZMasked< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr >Iterator that keeps track of x,y,z position
CTR3D_iteratorZone< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr >Iterator for walking through a rectangular portion
FilterImage3Df for filtering
FloatCast< T, isArithmetic >This is a template used to cast an arbitrary value to a float
Image3DBaseclass for 3D images
Image3Dlinear< Im3DValue >3D Image containing elements that support linear operations
Image3DSet< ImageType >A class for handling a set of images
ImageArg< ImageType, ImageTypeCst >Internal for ImageProcessor's, image argument descriptor
ImageArgumentAn image processor argument, that is an image
ImageNeighbors< ImageType, Inst >This class helps fast iterating through all neighbors of each point of an image
ImageProcessorArgs< ImageType >Internal for ImageProcessor's, image argument handling
ImageProcessorDescriptionA list of all arguments to a given image processor
ImageProcessorsDescriptionThis an interface to the xml image processor description file
ImageProgressProgress tracker specifically made for easy tracking of progress of an iterator
ImagePropertyBase class for image properties
ImageValues< Im3DValue >Container for information on distinct image values
ImLib3DLibrary initialization and cleanup,
ImLib3DDisplayDisplay is an abstract base class for simple image displaying and limited user interaction
ImProcNodeImage processor node, in it's hierarichical classification tree
ImProcStringArgumentA description of an argument to an image processor, this is simply an interface to the XML description
ImProcTreeHierarichical classification tree of image processors
ImProcTreeCallBackCallback for walking through the image processor tree
Interpolator3D< Im3DValue >Virtual base class for interpolators
istream_flag_resetterSimple struct used to reset an io stream
JointHistogramComputing joint histograms, and associated intensity normalization
ListArgumentAn image processor argument, that is a string chosen from a list
Mask3DImage containing 0 or non zero values (max 255)
MaskConcept< MaskType >Class containing all functions that implement "mask" functionality
MatrixThis is a very simple 3x3 matrix class
NNInterpolator< Im3DValue >Nearest neighbour interpolator
PathGraphSeries of nodes linked by paths of points
Pen< Im3DValue >Pen for drawing into images
PeriodicDo something every x seconds
PiecewiseLinearFct< ValueType >Function composed by a set of segments, defined by an arbitrairy set of it's values
PluginManagementFull description and calling of all processors (including those in plugins)
ProgressTracker< TType >Track the progress for an object that has a "Progress" fct
PropertiesImage properties. Usually properties are mapped by name (string)
PropertyWrapPtr< PType >Basic container properties, for containing any propertie types that support som operations
PropertyXMLUnparsed image property, in raw XML representation
RectZone2D< RectType, Real >Rectangular zone x0<=x<=x1 && y0<=y<=y1
RectZone2DiRectangular zone x0<=x<=x1 && y0<=y<=y1
RectZone3D< RectType, Real >Rectangular zone, INCLUDES BOTH points x0 y0 z0, x1 y1 z1
Segment3DLine segment between 2 3D points
SetZero< T, isArithmetic >Struct for guessing value of zero for many different types
Signal1DfOne dimensional signal containing floating point values. New samples can be (log-time) added
SIM3D_iteratorFast< ImageType, _Ptr, _Ref >SparseImage3D iterator, this just encapulates a float pointer
Size3DSimple struct: width height depth
SkeletonExtractionSkeleton extraction
SparseImage3D< Im3DValue >An image where most points are zero
SparseStructure3DDefines the constant sparse structure (which voxels are zero or non zero) of a sparse image
SplineInterpolator3D< Im3DValue >Interpolation using B-splines
StreamableBase class for all classes that write themselves to an ImLib3DFile
StrStrString to string map,
StructureElementStructure Element for Morphological Operators (also called neighborhood or mask)
TaskInProgressBase class for tasks. The user creates a task object each time he wants to track the progress of some action
TaskProgressManagerMain progress tracking class
TaskTracker< TType >Tracks the progress of some variable
TemplatedProperty< PType >Base class for templated properties
TextDisplayVery simple text mode display
TruncatedSinCInterpolator< Im3DValue >Truncated sinc interpolator. You should use spline unless you need huge precision
VarArgTypeConversion< T >Convert an argument into something useable in a vararg call
Vect2D< Value, Real >2D Vector, with operators
Vect3D< Value, Real >3D Vector, with operators
ViewerDisplayDisplay using an external viewer program
XMLBinaryFileClass for reading/writing an xml file with binary data appended to it

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