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Mask3D Class Reference

Image containing 0 or non zero values (max 255). More...

#include <Mask3D.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual string GetTypeName () const
 Type information.
virtual void Write (ImLib3DFile *file, xmlpp::Element *parentNode=NULL, xmlpp::Element *node=NULL) const
 Write this object, either to a current node, a parent node, or the root node of the file.
template<class OtherIm3DValue>
Mask3Doperator= (const Image3Dlinear< OtherIm3DValue > &imOrig)
double Sum () const
 Sum of all elements in image.
 Mask3D (const Size3D &size)
 Mask3D (const Mask3D &other)
 Mask3D (int _width, int _height, int _depth)
 Mask3D (const string &fname)
 Mask3D (const char *fname)
 Mask3D (char *fname)
template<class OtherImageType>
 Mask3D (const OtherImageType &other)

Private Types

typedef Image3Dlinear< byte > _Parent

Detailed Description

Image containing 0 or non zero values (max 255).

The non zero values can be usefull label values but are not garuanteed to be preserved by all operations

Definition at line 149 of file Mask3D.hpp.

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