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ImageProcessorArgs< ImageType > Class Template Reference

Internal for ImageProcessor's, image argument handling. More...

#include <ImageProcessor.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ImageProcessorArgs (const vector< ImageArg< ImageType, const ImageType > > &srcs, ImageArg< ImageType > dest)
void AddSrc (ImArgCst arg)
 Adds another source image argument.
void AddDest (ImArg arg)
 Adds another destination image argument.
void SameSize ()
void SetDestSize (Size3D size)
void InPlace ()
void AllSameSizeAssert ()
 Asserts that all images (srcs AND dests) have the same size.
void NoMasksAssert ()
void UseLargerSrcBounds ()
ImageType & GetDest (int argn=0)
 Get the nth destination image you should use in your algorithm.
const ImageType & GetSrc (int argn=0)
 Get the nth source image, resized if UseLargerSrcBounds.
void Finished ()
 Call this when algorithm is finished.

Private Types

typedef ImageArg< ImageType,
ImageType > 
typedef ImageArg< ImageType,
const ImageType > 

Private Attributes

bool useLargerSrcBounds
Size3D bounds
vector< ImArgCstsrcArgs
vector< ImArgdestArgs

Detailed Description

template<class ImageType>
class ImageProcessorArgs< ImageType >

Internal for ImageProcessor's, image argument handling.

Internal ImageProcessor, image argument handling, this is used for checking if image arguments to an ImageProcessor have correct properties ( correct size, correctly masked ... ) and for creating temporary images if dest==src ...

Definition at line 91 of file ImageProcessor.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class ImageType>
void ImageProcessorArgs< ImageType >::Finished  ) 

Call this when algorithm is finished.

This copies back all dulpicated destination temporary images into the final destination images if needed

Definition at line 151 of file ImageProcessor.hxx.

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