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ImageProcessorDescription Class Reference

A list of all arguments to a given image processor. More...

#include <ImageProcessorDescription.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

uint size ()
 nb of arguments
ImProcStringArgumentoperator[] (int i)
 accesor to arguments
int IndexOf (ImProcStringArgument *arg)
uint FindFullSwitch (string fs)
void PrintHelp ()
 prints full description of an image processor to std output
void PrintDoxyDoc (const string &type="class head")
 creates output in a format needed for inserting auto class doc in source file
vector< string > BuildCmdLine (const vector< string > &args0, bool stripTrailingSpaces=true)
 builds final list of string arguments, for calling on command line
vector< string > ParseCmdLine (vector< string > cmdline)
void ValidateArguments (const vector< string > &resArgs)
int ProcTemplateTypeNamePos ()
string ProcTemplateTypeName (vector< string > resArgs)
 ImageProcessorDescription (const string &_name, ImageProcessorsDescription &_improcs)
 builds a description of all arguments
 ~ImageProcessorDescription ()
 Destructor, delete args.

Public Attributes

vector< ImProcStringArgument * > args
 each of this processors arguments
 description of all image processors

Detailed Description

A list of all arguments to a given image processor.

This is meant to be used only for calling image processors's with string arguments

Definition at line 104 of file ImageProcessorDescription.hpp.

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