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ImageProcessorsDescription Class Reference

This an interface to the xml image processor description file. More...

#include <ImageProcessorsDescription.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

ImProcTreeGetImProcTree ()
void PrintTree ()
template<class T>
int FindName (const vector< T > &vect, const string &name)
XIPD::ArgumentType * GetArgumentType (const string &name, bool fail=true)
 descritpion of an argument type
XIPD::TemplateGroup * GetTemplateGroup (const string &name, bool fail=true)
 descritpion of an argument type
XIPD::ImageProcessor * GetImageProcessor (const string &name, bool fail=true)
 an arbitrary image processor
vector< string > GetNames (bool imProcsOnly=false)
 Returns all image processors and nodes.
void Pad (vector< string > &s)
 transforms a set of strings so they all have the same width
void Print (const string &s, uint margin, int width)
 Prints a (long) string, using word wrap and margin.
void Merge (XIPD::ImageProcessorsDescription &other)
 prints full description of an image processor to std output
void ReadFromString (const string &description)
 read description from xml file
void ReadFromFile (const string &fname)
 read description from xml file
virtual void Init ()
 pos-construction initialisation
 ImageProcessorsDescription (const string &descr)

Protected Member Functions

void CreateTree ()
 Inserts all nodes described by this description into tree.

Protected Attributes

ImProcTree imProcTree
 a hierachy tree of processors

Detailed Description

This an interface to the xml image processor description file.

IMPORTANT image processors are classified in hierchical manner, but the XML tree they are stored in does NOT reflect that hierarchy. The ImProcTree class can be used if that hierarchy is needed.

Definition at line 112 of file ImageProcessorsDescription.hpp.

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