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Affine3DTransform Class Reference

An 3 dimensional affine transformation : X'=MX+T. More...

#include <Affine3DTransform.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

Matrix GetMatrix () const
Vect3Df Translation () const
double operator() (int i, int j) const
double operator() (int i) const
void Set (const Matrix &_matrix, const Vect3Df &_translation)
Vect3Df operator() (const Vect3Df &x) const
 aplies transform on vector
void Inverse ()
 inverse: X=M'(X'-T)=M'X'-M'T
 Affine3DTransform (const Vect3Df &_translation)
 Affine3DTransform (float theta, const Vect3Df &direction, const Vect3Df &center=Vect3Df(0, 0, 0))
 Affine3DTransform (const string &fname)
 reads transform from file
virtual void Read (ImLib3DFile *file, xmlpp::Element *parentNode=NULL, xmlpp::Element *node=NULL)
 Read this object, either from a current node, a parent node, or the root node of the file.
virtual void Write (ImLib3DFile *file, xmlpp::Element *parentNode=NULL, xmlpp::Element *node=NULL) const
 Write this object, either to a current node, a parent node, or the root node of the file.
void Show ()
void Analyse ()
 To analyse a Transform a svd decomposition on the rotation matrix is computed.
void Reset ()
 Resets transformation: M is set to identity, and T to 0.
name Convenience Functions
SetRotationX (float theta, const Vect3Df &center=Vect3Df(0, 0, 0))
void SetRotationY (float theta, const Vect3Df &center=Vect3Df(0, 0, 0))
void SetRotationZ (float theta, const Vect3Df &center=Vect3Df(0, 0, 0))
void SetRotation (float theta, Vect3Df direction, const Vect3Df &center=Vect3Df(0, 0, 0))
void SetTranslation (const Vect3Df &_translation)
void SetScale (float sx, float sy, float sz)
void SetScale (const Vect3Df &scale)
Affine3DTransform operator *= (const Affine3DTransform &other)
 composes transform with other Affine3DTransform

Private Attributes

Matrix matrix
Vect3Df translation


void Affine3DTransform_Test ()
Affine3DTransform operator * (const Affine3DTransform &a1, const Affine3DTransform &a2)
 Composition of affine trfs.

Detailed Description

An 3 dimensional affine transformation : X'=MX+T.

An affine transform is composed of a 3x3 matrix M a translation vector T: X'=MX+T

Definition at line 40 of file Affine3DTransform.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void Affine3DTransform::SetRotationX float  theta,
const Vect3Df center = Vect3Df(0, 0, 0)

Set rotation around line passing through C and parallel to X Axis, The rotation will be set absolutely, to allow more sophisticated rotation use concatenate several Affine3DTransforms using the *= operator as in: Affine3DTransform Ax; Ax.SetRotationX(phiX); Affine3DTransform Ay; Ay.SetRotationX(phiY); Ax*=Ay;

Definition at line 124 of file Affine3DTransform.cpp.

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