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RectZone2D< RectType, Real > Class Template Reference

Rectangular zone x0<=x<=x1 && y0<=y<=y1. More...

#include <RectZone2D.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef Vect2D< RectType,
Real > 

Public Member Functions

RectType Width () const
RectType Height () const
Vect2DType GetP0 ()
Vect2DType GetP1 ()
Vect2Df SelfCoords (const Vect2DType &P)
void Translate (const float x, const float y)
void ToStart (RectType &x, RectType &y) const
bool IsInside (const Vect2DType &vect) const
bool IsInside (RectType x, RectType y) const
bool operator== (const RectZone2D< RectType > &other)
 RectZone2D (const Vect2DType &p0, const Vect2DType p1)
 RectZone2D (RectType _x0, RectType _y0, RectType _x1, RectType _y1)

Public Attributes

RectType x0
RectType y0
RectType x1
RectType y1

Detailed Description

template<class RectType, class Real = RectType>
class RectZone2D< RectType, Real >

Rectangular zone x0<=x<=x1 && y0<=y<=y1.

Definition at line 28 of file RectZone2D.hpp.

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