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SplineInterpolator3D< Im3DValue > Class Template Reference

Interpolation using B-splines. More...

#include <SplineInterpolation.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void SetBackground (const Im3DValue &bg)
void SamplesToCoefficients (ImageType &ima)
 In-place conversion of image to coefficients.
virtual Im3DValue Value (const ImageType &ima, const float x, const float y, const float z)
 compute value at non integer position using B-spline interpolation
ImageTypeGetCoeffImage ()
virtual void Reset (const ImageType *_srcImage)
 Certains interpolators (ie. Spline) need to do precomputations on original image.
 SplineInterpolator3D (int _splineDegree, InterpolationBoundaryType _boundary=BOUNDARY_MIRROR)

Public Attributes

int DBGvaluect
int DBGvaluefastct

Private Types

typedef Image3Dlinear< Im3DValue > ImageType

Private Member Functions

void ConvertToInterpolationCoefficients (vector< Im3DValue > &c, vector< Scalar > &z, Scalar Tolerance)
Im3DValue InitialCausalCoefficient (vector< Im3DValue > &c, Scalar z, Scalar Tolerance)
Im3DValue InitialAntiCausalCoefficient (vector< Im3DValue > &c, Scalar z)
virtual Im3DValue ValueFast (const ImageType &ima, const float x, const float y, const float z)
 compute value using B-spline interpolation, far from borders
void ComputeInterpolationWeights (Scalar *xWeight, Scalar *yWeight, Scalar *zWeight, float x, float y, float z, int x0, int y0, int z0)

Private Attributes

const ImageTypesrcImage
int splineDegree
Im3DValue * background
InterpolationBoundaryType boundary


class AdaptativeSuperSampler

Detailed Description

template<class Im3DValue>
class SplineInterpolator3D< Im3DValue >

Interpolation using B-splines.

B-spline interpolation is a 2 step method, first compute a coefficient image then interpolate the coefficient image

Definition at line 45 of file SplineInterpolation.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Im3DValue>
virtual void SplineInterpolator3D< Im3DValue >::Reset const ImageType _srcImage  )  [inline, virtual]

Certains interpolators (ie. Spline) need to do precomputations on original image.

Call this with originale image to do those precomputations, Call it with null, to clean up.

Reimplemented from Interpolator3D< Im3DValue >.

Definition at line 69 of file SplineInterpolation.hpp.

References SplineInterpolator3D< Im3DValue >::SamplesToCoefficients().

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