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RectZone3D< RectType, Real > Class Template Reference

rectangular zone, INCLUDES BOTH points x0 y0 z0, x1 y1 z1 More...

#include <RectZone3D.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef Vect3D< RectType,
Real > 

Public Member Functions

RectType Width () const
RectType Height () const
RectType Depth () const
Vect3DType SizeV ()
RectType Volume ()
Vect3DType GetP0 () const
Vect3DType GetP1 () const
Vect3DType GetCorner (int number) const
 returns one of the 8 corners of this rectangle
void SetP0 (const Vect3DType &p0)
void SetP1 (const Vect3DType &p1)
Vect3Df SelfCoords (const Vect3DType &P) const
RectZone3D< RectType, Real > Intersection (const RectZone3D< RectType, Real > &other) const
bool IsOk () const
void Translate (const Vect3DType &vec)
void Translate (const RectType x, const RectType y, const RectType z)
void ToStart (RectType &x, RectType &y, RectType &z) const
bool IsInside (const Vect3DType &vect) const
bool IsInside (RectType x, RectType y, RectType z) const
bool IsOnSurface (const Vect3DType &vect) const
bool IsOnSurface (RectType x, RectType y, RectType z) const
Vect3DType ClosestPoint (const Vect3DType &p)
Vect3DType FurthestPoint (const Vect3DType &p)
bool operator!= (const RectZone3D< RectType > &other) const
bool operator== (const RectZone3D< RectType > &other) const
 RectZone3D (const Vect3DType &p0, const Vect3DType &p1)
 RectZone3D (RectType _x0, RectType _y0, RectType _z0, RectType _x1, RectType _y1, RectType _z1)

Public Attributes

RectType x0
RectType y0
RectType z0
RectType x1
RectType y1
RectType z1


class PropertyWrapPtr< RectZone3D< RectType, Real > >

Detailed Description

template<class RectType, class Real = RectType>
class RectZone3D< RectType, Real >

rectangular zone, INCLUDES BOTH points x0 y0 z0, x1 y1 z1

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