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SkeletonExtraction Class Reference

Skeleton extraction. More...

#include <VoxelCoding.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void ExtractAll (const Mask3D &shape, PathGraph &pathGraph)
static void ExtractLinkingMedPath (const Mask3D &shape, const Vect3Di &start, const Vect3Di &end, vector< Vect3Di > &res)
static void DrawPathGraph (const PathGraph &pathGraph, Mask3D &res)

Private Member Functions

void CreateClusters ()
 creates all clusters from ssCode
void InitClusters ()
 initialises clusters, after all of them are created.
void PathGraphFromMedPaths (vector< MedPathFind > &medPaths, PathGraph &pathGraph)
void ExtractAllMedPaths (vector< MedPathFind > &medPaths)
void ExtractPaths (PathGraph &pathGraph)
 SkeletonExtraction (const Mask3D &_shape, const Vect3Di *psourcePoint=NULL)
void MedPathFromPath (const vector< Vect3Di > &path, vector< Vect3Di > &medPath)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool SpeStopCB (void *dat, const Vect3Di &p)

Private Attributes

const Mask3Dshape
 shape from which to extract skeleton
LabelImage3D ssCode
 ssCode, "distance" field from seed point
LabelImage3D bsCode
 bsCode, "distance" field shape boundary
vector< CodeCluster * > clusters
 each distinct value of ssCode that forms a set of conected points is grouped into a cluster
Container3D< CodeCluster * > clustersIma
 the cluster associated to each point


class SkeletonExtraction::MedPathFind


class  MedPathFind

Detailed Description

Skeleton extraction.

Definition at line 273 of file VoxelCoding.hpp.

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