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CodeCluster Class Reference

cluster of conected voxels having same "code" value More...

#include <VoxelCoding.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void GetSuccessors (vector< CodeCluster * > &successors)
 get neighboring clusters that have a lower code value
void FindMedialPoints (const LabelImage3D &bsCode)
 compute points in cluster that have maximal bsCode
Vect3Di MedialPoint (const Vect3Df &ref=Vect3Di(0, 0, 0))
 Get point in cluster that has maximal bsCode and is closest to ref point.
void FindNeighbors (Container3D< CodeCluster * > &clustersIma)
 determines neighboring clusters, using a position to cluster map

Public Attributes

int value
 code value of all voxels of this cluster
Vect3Df center
 geometric center of points in cluster
vector< CodeCluster * > neighbors
 neighboring clusters
vector< Vect3Dipoints
 all points of this cluster
name flags describing cluster
type bool 
bool isMerging
bool isDividing
bool isBranching
int stop
 user flag
vector< Vect3DimedialPoints
 points in cluster that have maximal bsCode

Private Member Functions

 CodeCluster (int _value)
void Init ()
void FindType ()


class SkeletonExtraction

Detailed Description

cluster of conected voxels having same "code" value

Definition at line 125 of file VoxelCoding.hpp.

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