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ProbabilityDistribution Class Reference

ProbabilityDistribution. More...

#include <ImageStats.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  SetWithImage3DType {
 Uses by default linear interpolation in 3 directions. type=1:faster type=2=fastest.

Public Member Functions

vector< double > GetBins () const
int GetNBins () const
void GetRange (float &rmin, float &rmax) const
double GetMax () const
double GetMaxPos () const
double operator[] (int bin) const
double Density (int bin) const
void SetBins (float _vmin, float _vmax, int nbBins)
 Reset distribution.
double BinValue (int binNum) const
 Find value of begining of bin.
double BinPos (Value v) const
 Like BinNUm with floating point result.
int BinNum (Value v) const
 Bin index number corresponding to value v.
double CumulInverse (double v) const
 inverse of cumulative prob distrib
double Cumul (double v) const
 cumulative prob distrib
bool NextIndex (vector< int > &indexes)
OtsuClass ComputeClassStats (vector< OtsuClass > &classes, int classNum, vector< int > &indexes)
void OtsuThreshholds (int nbClasses, vector< double > &res)
void SetWithSamples (const vector< Value > &samples, int nbBins=1000)
 Estimate (initialize) distribution from samples.
void AccumulateWithSamples (const vector< Value > &samples)
 Update distribution from plain samples, bins and ranges remain unchanged.
void SetWithSignal (const vector< Value > &samples, int nbBins=1000)
 Estimate distribution. Uses linear interpolation for smoother distribution.
void AccumulateWithSignal (const vector< Value > &samples)
 Update distribution. Uses linear interpolation for smoother distribution.
void AccumulateImage3Dlinear3 (const Image3Df &src)
 Update distribution using linear3 interpolation, bins and ranges remain unchanged.
void SetWithImage3Dlinear3 (const Image3Df &src, int nbBins)
 Like SetWithSamples, but in three directions.
void SetWithImage3D (const Image3Df &src, SetWithImage3DType type=LINEAR3, int nbBins=1000)
 Estimate distribution from image.
void AccumulateWithImage3D (const Image3Df &src, SetWithImage3DType type=LINEAR3)
 Update distribution.
void ShowWithGnuPlot (const string &label="") const
 Display distribution using gnuplot.

Static Public Member Functions

static int ScottsRule (const vector< float > &vals)
 BinWidth=3.5*s*n**(-1/3) (** = to the power of).

Protected Member Functions

void ComputeCumul () const
void ComputeInverseCumul () const

Private Types

typedef float Value

Private Member Functions

void SetRange (const vector< Value > &samples)

Private Attributes

vector< double > bins
float vmin
float vmax
long int accumulatedSegmentCount
bool cumulIsComputed
vector< double > cumul
bool cumulInverseIsComputed
map< double, int > cumulInverse


class  OtsuClass

Detailed Description


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