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CTR3D_iteratorXYZ< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr > Class Template Reference

iterator that keeps track of x,y,z position More...

#include <Container3DIterators.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void AssertBounds ()
_Self operator++ (int)
_Selfoperator++ ()
_Self operator-- (int)
_Selfoperator-- ()
Vect3Di Pos () const
 position as a Vect3Di
void operator= (const Vect3Di &P)
void operator+= (size_t m)
void operator-= (size_t m)
_Self operator+ (size_t m)
_Self operator- (size_t m)
void operator= (const CTR3D_iteratorFast< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr > &other)
 CTR3D_iteratorXYZ (const CTR3D_iteratorFast< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr > &other)
 CTR3D_iteratorXYZ (Container3D *_ima, _Ptr _pos)

Public Attributes

int x
int y
int z

Private Types

typedef CTR3D_iteratorFast<
Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr > 
typedef CTR3D_iteratorXYZ<
Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr > 

Private Member Functions

void Reposition ()

Detailed Description

template<class Container3D, class _Ref, class _Ptr>
class CTR3D_iteratorXYZ< Container3D, _Ref, _Ptr >

iterator that keeps track of x,y,z position

for walking through the WHOLE container

Definition at line 103 of file Container3DIterators.hpp.

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