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StructureElement Class Reference

Structure Element for Morphological Operators (also called neighborhood or mask). More...

#include <MorphologicalOperators.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void ComputeMaskPointsSize (Vect3Di &minv, Vect3Di &maxv) const
 Computes the smallest and largest positions in maskPoints.
void ComputeCoeffs ()
void Show (const string &name) const
 Display this mask (for debugining).
name Accesors to specific
data positions that will return
Zero for position outside
of scope const Vect3Di
GetPoint (int i) const
const Vect3Dioperator[] (uint i) const
float GetCoeff (int i) const
RectZone3Di SafeZone (const Size3D &imageSize) const
 zone in an image where it is safe to consider all neighbors
int FindPoint (const Vect3Di &P) const
 Find point number given it's position.
float GetCoeff (const Vect3Di &P) const
 Find point's coefficient given it's position.
const Mask3DMask () const
int GetNbPoints () const
uint size () const
void RemoveCenter ()
 remove the center point of the mask
 ~StructureElement ()
 ! destructor: delete mask if necessary
 StructureElement (const string &s)
 Build a mask given a description string.
 StructureElement (const StructureElement &other, StructureElementType direction)
 Build a weighted mask (for distance transform) from an original std mask.
 StructureElement (StructureElementType _maskType)
 Build a mask given it's description.
 StructureElement (const vector< Vect3Di > &_maskPoints)
 Build a mask given it's points.

Static Public Member Functions

static void CreateSpherePointList (int radius, vector< Vect3Di > &pl)

Protected Member Functions

void CreateMask ()
 Create mask from maskPoints.
void CreateMaskPoints (StructureElementType maskType)
 Creates maskPoints from maskType.
void CreateMaskPoints ()
 Creates maskPoints from mask.

Protected Attributes

StructureElementType maskType
 Original mask type.
vector< Vect3DimaskPoints
 Set of points that define this mask.
vector< float > coeffs
 Coefficients associated to these points (used by distance transform).
 Mask image, same points as in maskPoints.

Detailed Description

Structure Element for Morphological Operators (also called neighborhood or mask).

Coefficients may be associated to neighborhood points, this is used for computing distance transforms .

Definition at line 57 of file MorphologicalOperators.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void StructureElement::RemoveCenter  ) 

remove the center point of the mask

Both in mask and in maskPoints

Definition at line 54 of file MorphologicalOperators.cpp.

References FindPoint(), Properties::iCenter, mask, maskPoints, and Image3D::properties.

Referenced by CodeCluster::FindNeighbors().

Member Data Documentation

Mask3D* StructureElement::mask [protected]

Mask image, same points as in maskPoints.

The mask's iCenter gives the center of the mask

Definition at line 80 of file MorphologicalOperators.hpp.

Referenced by CreateMask(), CreateMaskPoints(), RemoveCenter(), Show(), StructureElement(), and ~StructureElement().

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