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XMLTools.hpp File Reference

#include <libxml++/libxml++.h>
#include <ImLib3D/CppTools.hpp>
#include <ctype.h>

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#define ReadAttribute(p)   p=GetAttribute(node,#p,true)
#define ReadOptAttribute(p)   p=GetAttribute(node,#p,false)


string GetAttribute (xmlpp::Element *node, string prop, bool fail=false)
xmlpp::Element * Child (xmlpp::Element *parent, string name, bool fail=false)
vector< xmlpp::Element * > ChildElements (xmlpp::Node *node, const string &name="")
template<class Type>
void ReadVector (xmlpp::Element *node, string name, vector< Type > &res, bool downCase=false)
void ReadVector (xmlpp::Element *node, string name, vector< string > &res)
void ReadText (xmlpp::Element *node, string textNodeName, string &res, bool fail=false)
void RecursiveShowXMLElement (xmlpp::Element *node, int depth=0)

Detailed Description

Definition in file XMLTools.hpp.

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