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Affine3DTransform.hpp File Reference

File with foundamental geometric classes. More...

#include <ImLib3D/CppTools.hpp>
#include <ImLib3D/Vect3D.hpp>
#include <ImLib3D/ImLib3DFile.hpp>
#include <ImLib3D/Matrix.hpp>

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Affine3DTransform operator * (const Affine3DTransform &a1, const Affine3DTransform &a2)
 Composition of affine trfs.

Detailed Description

File with foundamental geometric classes.

<long description=""> We chose to put all the classes containing some kind of basis concept used throughout the library (and the use of the library) in this file. Examples of classes: Size3D, Vect3D, CAffineTransform, Parrallellogram and so on.

See AUTHORS and COPYING files for more information


Definition in file Affine3DTransform.hpp.

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