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VoxelCoding.cpp File Reference

#include <ImLib3D/VoxelCoding.hpp>
#include <ImLib3D/Arithmetic.hpp>
#include <ImLib3D/Display.hpp>
#include <ImLib3D/ConvenienceProcessors.hpp>

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void IP3D::ShortestPathExtraction (const Mask3D &shape, const Vect3Di &start, const Vect3Di &end, vector< Vect3Di > &path, Mask3D *pres, StructureElement *psel, const LabelImage3D *pssCode0, ShortestPathExtractionHelpers::StopCBType stopCB)
void IP3D::VoxelCode (const Mask3D &shape, const Mask3D &seeds, int m0, int m1, int m2, LabelImage3D &res, const Vect3Di *stopPoint)

Detailed Description

Definition in file VoxelCoding.cpp.

Function Documentation

void IP3D::ShortestPathExtraction const Mask3D shape,
const Vect3Di start,
const Vect3Di end,
vector< Vect3Di > &  path,
Mask3D pres,
StructureElement psel,
const LabelImage3D pssCode0,
ShortestPathExtractionHelpers::StopCBType  stopCB

by default use specialy ordered F-neighborhood

Definition at line 26 of file VoxelCoding.cpp.

References StructureElement::GetPoint(), Image3D::IsInside(), Vect3D< Value, Real >::Show(), StructureElement::size(), and IP3D::SSCode().

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