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Streamable Member List

This is the complete list of members for Streamable, including all inherited members.

CreateReadNode(const string &topNodeName, ImLib3DFile *file, xmlpp::Element *parentNode, xmlpp::Element *node)Streamable
CreateWriteNode(const string &topNodeName, ImLib3DFile *file, xmlpp::Element *parentNode, xmlpp::Element *node) const Streamable
Read(ImLib3DFile *file, xmlpp::Element *parentNode=NULL, xmlpp::Element *node=NULL)=0Streamable [pure virtual]
ReadFromFile(const string &fname)Streamable [inline, virtual]
Write(ImLib3DFile *file, xmlpp::Element *parentNode=NULL, xmlpp::Element *node=NULL) const =0Streamable [pure virtual]
WriteToFile(const string &fname) const Streamable [inline, virtual]

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